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Cryo Recovery

Body benefits include: reduce inflammation and pain and an increase circulation.


Wide range of health benefits including: pain relief, reduced inflammation, and anxiety relief.

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Whole-body cryotherapy describes the process of exposing the physical body to low temperatures to activate a natural, anti-inflammatory response that in turn spurs the release of endorphins. When these endorphins are released, the body’s natural pain relief mechanisms are immediately activated. At Lubbock Cryo, we provide holistic care in the field of cryo recovery for patients in Lubbock, Shallowater, Slaton and Wolfforth, TX, and the nearby areas.

Cryo Recovery

With full-body cryotherapy, the body is placed in extremely cold temperatures for a very short amount of time. Research has shown that this type of therapy is beneficial to the body in a wide variety of ways. Some of the benefits include reducing pain and inflammation, creating an endorphin rush, increasing circulation, and releasing adrenaline. Cryotherapy also has positive effects on depression as well as anxiety.

Cryotherapy is one of the most significant alternative care methods that is extremely beneficial for treating a variety of different conditions. The treatments last for three minutes, however, the effects can last for many days. Cryotherapy works to dilate the capillaries so that heavier oxygen flow is allowed. The therapy also allows for more white blood cells for up to 36 hours.

CBD Oil Benefits

The body’s endocannabinoid system is a balancing system for the body. In addition to cryotherapy, we sell pure and full-spectrum CBD isolates which act as fuel for the body’s endocannabinoid system. CBD oil has a variety of different health benefits including anxiety relief, reduced inflammation, and pain relief.

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Health & Wellness

Full body cryo therapy lasts three minutes but the benefits can last for a few days.

Sports & Fitness

Cryo therapy increases oxygenated blood flow resulting in decreased pain and inflammation.


CBD Oil benefits include a reduction in anxiety, increase in appetite, and reduces blood sugar levels.

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