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Heal Naturally With Holistic Care Nearby Shallowater, TX 

Are you searching for natural pain relief methods nearby to Shallowater, TX, or close to the surrounding areas? If so, Lubbock Cryo Recovery can provide the natural holistic care and alternative care you are seeking. Our goal is to help our patients find lasting pain relief and recovery from discomfort using natural, non-invasive techniques. Our approach combines full-body cryotherapy and CBD products to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients. 

Natural & Effective Cryotherapy Services

Full-body cryotherapy offers a natural and non-invasive approach for pain relief and recovery. Whether you are an athlete seeking relief after an injury or you are looking for a solution to chronic pain, cryo recovery can provide the right solutions. Cryotherapy works to naturally heal the body in a myriad of different ways. Schedule a consultation today to learn if cryo recovery is right for you. 

The Benefits of Cryo Recovery Include:

  • Reduction in pain and inflammation

  • Increase in endorphin release

  • Increase in adrenaline

  • Improved circulation

  • Positive effects on depression and anxiety

CBD Products 

We have found that CBD oil has proven effective at treating a variety of different conditions. We offer CBD oils in many different formats from trusted companies that use only the best, organic hemp. We supply whole plant, full-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolates.

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