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Cryo Recovery Wolfforth, Shallowater, Slaton & Lubbock, TX

Body Builders & Personal Trainers: Cody Ditto and Zac Cann

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Full body cryo therapy is a treatment subjecting the body to extreme cold for a short period of time. The body benefits in a wide range of ways, including: reducing inflammation and pain, increasing circulation, creating an endorphin rush, and releasing adrenaline. Cryo therapy also has positive effects with anxiety and depression.


The treatments are three minutes long but the effects can last for a few days. Cryo therapy works by creating an extremely cold environment causing the capillaries to dilate. Once the treatment is over, the capillaries expand rapidly causing a heavier oxygen flow along with more white blood cells systemically for up to 36 hours.

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Cryo Recovery Pricing

1st session - $30

Individual sessions - $40

4 anytime sessions - $140

4 sessions in a month - $120

8 sessions in a month - $200

Group rate (4 or more at one time) - $25 each

We ask that you have dry socks and undergarments on before entering the machine. We recommend women have on a sports bra that does not have any underwires or metal clasps. We provide slippers for over the socks, a robe that will be removed inside the cryo chamber, and insulated gloves to be worn during treatment.