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Trusted Holistic Care In Lubbock, TX 

Lubbock Cryo Recovery is a leading provider of alternative care and holistic care in Lubbock, TX, and nearby areas. Our alternative approach to health and wellness incorporates Cryo recovery techniques which have been proven to be very effective for pain relief and overall wellness. Trust our experienced cryotherapy staff to offer quality care and trusted alternatives that improve your state of health and well being. 

Cryotherapy Services

Full-body cryotherapy is an alternative health and wellness treatment that involves exposure of the body to extreme cold for a very short period. This method, also known as cry recovery, has proven to have many benefits on the body including a reduction in pain and inflammation, increased endorphin release, increased adrenaline, and improved circulation. Cryotherapy has also been shown to have many positive effects on depression and anxiety.


Cryo recovery treatments last for only three minutes, however, the effects and benefits can last for quite a few days. This treatment modality works because the extremely cold environment results in dilation of the capillaries. After the treatment is completed, the capillaries rapidly expand which causes more oxygen flow as well as more white blood cells systematically for as long as 36 hours. Turn to our experienced health and wellness practitioners to provide you with expert cryotherapy services to help reduce pain and improve your health.

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